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Guilford Sailing Foundation

The Guilford Sailing Foundation (GSF) was formed in 2020, as a non-profit organization oriented to advance community sailing and water experience in the coastal CT area especially in Branford, Guilford, and Madison.  Focus beyond those towns is also considered inland or coastal CT.  Much of the GSF effort is directed toward providing youth opportunities to learn basic and more advanced racing and boating skills that can provide lifelong capability for current and future residents of these CT communities.  Guilford High School, for example, has no High School Sailing team. 

Providing funding and leadership to organize a Club sailing team for Guilford High School and other students is one of the top GSF priorities.  The formation and launch of the 2021 Guilford Sailing Club is the first formal initiative of the GSF.


The GSF has no employees and is a 100% volunteer organization with 6 board members.  It maintains 501(c)(3) IRS tax exempt status.  

The GSF focused on benefiting shoreline residents with interest in sailing, with a focus to benefit youth in the community.  The regional sailing club will stimulate and foster passion for the sport of sailing and thereby also foster the development of skills such as team building and working with others.    Learning the knowledge of sailing utilizes many principles of math, science and physics.  Sailing generally promotes a desire and knowledge of the environment, including water oriented conservation management since this sport involves interacting with nature in addition to teammates, competitors, and the physics of sailing.  Sailing is coeducational and age agnostic and therefore promotes diversity in participation and open acceptance toward others. Additionally, sailboat racing is a physically and intellectually challenging activity.  


Given the GSF focus on all Shoreline residents with interest, with particular focus on youth in the community, we have plans in place to provide financial support for youth from families with financial needs.  


Initial fundraising has occurred and multiple private donors have provided seed money for startup and year 1-2 operation.   Additionally, we actively seek Grants and donations of all sizes to allow long term sustainability.  While participation fees provide important operating revenue, donations can help defray fixed costs associated with boats and coaches and allow for the program to provide funding for those youth from families with less ability to fund this type of activity.


2022 GSF Board Members.  

  • Cutter Smith – President

  • Kerry Sawyer Schutz - Vice President (Guilford Sailing Team Program Lead)

  • Wesley Cain – Secretary & Treasurer

  • Whitney Peterson

  • Albert Kraus

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